Wedding Enquiry

Wedding Enquiry

Interested in getting married at Summer Hill?

Summer Hill Church during a wedding, showing the centre isle

Getting married is often a time to reconnect with God and the local church. We are really excited that you have considered our church building as a place to get married but would love you to join one of our weekly church gatherings as well. Fill out the details below, fill in the form and visit us this Sunday!



Weddings at Summer Hill Church
Photographs kindly supplied by Geoff Beatty




A few more details:


  • the church building is available weddings on Saturdays and Fridays.
  • we have two 'time slots' for weddings on Saturdays. The first is a start time between 10am and 12noon and the second slot with a start time between 1pm and 2:30pm. If there is already a wedding on the same day we might not be able to give you your preferred time but will do our best to accommodate you.
  • you will have access to the building for the duration of time from 90min before until 90min after the start time of the wedding.
  • the St Andrews church building in Summer Hill is a beautiful heritage listed building which comfortably fits 200 people, but can fit up to 267 if required.
  • couples who are married by our church staff are required to attend a pre-marriage course.
  • the building is suitable for weddings all year around with gas heating keeping things cosy in winter.
  • we are happy to explore the possibility of having your own minister conduct your wedding (from a Reformed Protestant tradition such as Baptist, Presbyterian, Congregational).
  • the usual cost for a wedding is a $1800 donation. This money is used to maintain the building and furnishings and prepare the building ready for the wedding.
  • for people who live further away we encourage them to connect with a local Anglican church and then make the building available for use by that church.
  • see the FAQ for weddings for more information.


We conduct a limited number of weddings each year, please use this form to indicate your interest in getting married at Summer Hill Church and come and visit us soon! Our wedding administration is done on Mondays and Thursdays so please be patient.



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