Kids Church at Summer Hill

Kids Church

Kids Church at Summer Hill Church

We love having kids and families with us a Summer Hill Church. Each sunday morning (including school holidays), we provide a program for all children between 6 months old and year 8 at school to hear about Jesus. It would be great to meet you and your family soon!

How does Kids Church work?

9:30am Church starts
Adults & children spend the first part of church together.
Children are supervised by parents.

Winter Eskimos at Kids Church 9:45am Kids Church and Creche
During church, the service leader will make it clear when it is time for the kids to leave. The children line up in age groups at the back of the church building. The leaders will walk the kids to their rooms.
Children are supervised by Kids Church leaders

10:45am Morning Tea
The leaders will bring the kids back into the church building at the end of church. Kids are then free to play inside the church building (not on the stage area and no running), the older part of the church hall complex (if supervised by two adults) or outside in the backyard. The main door to the church will be closed so children cannot get out - please use the side gate to exit the building.
Children are supervised by Parent.

What will my kids do in their programs?